November 20, 2013

An Egyptian Style Home Settled in the Heart of the State of Washington!

This project presented in this text started as an idea for a cozy, intimate and private place intended for a couple. Later on, the concept has been changed into a grand project that explicitly represents the ancient style of the Eastern culture. The house is spread at 22,770 square foot and was estimated at around $ 35 million. The very cool fact is that it has a pool that has salt water. 

Author: Betty M.

The interior of this room is created in an Egyptian style. Other additional areas like spa and massage center and a steam room are also included. The interior of the living space is luxurious, elegant and with a fine taste, that accents the need for Art in every little aspect. Ceilings are also remarkable especially for the lighting panels and the specific way in which they are constructed.

The house has a big closet where everything looks like in a high quality and famous French boutique. Everything in the interior shines perfectly, and it is a result of the very good combination between the marble on the floor and the very unique chandeliers that hang from above. You would definitely love the one above the dining table. 

The bathroom is covered with marble and except the fact that is really stylish and elegant; it’s also a very comfortable and perfect for relaxation, mainly because of the hot tub and the large shower cabin. A beautiful garden and outdoor pool with fountains make this place unique and really special. We invite you to see it. 

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