November 16, 2013

The $10 Million Royal Fantasy Bra modeled by Candice Swanepoel at Victoria’s Secret’s annual Fashion Show

The Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show finally happened, on Wednesday in Manhattan and all I can say is, what an event! A bevy of beauties thronged the ramp, including Taylor Swift who performed throughout the show, along with Fall Out Boy in a sparkly silver mini dress and a Union Jack costume. But worth much more than a mention was the sight of the striking Candice Swanepoel leading the Victoria’s Secret models in the Royal Fantasy Bra. 

So much so that we’re going to wait for December 10 when the show goes on air on CBS. As should you! Because the Fantasy bra shine in all its gemstone-studded brilliance and that’s not something you’d want to miss!

But besides that, the model who claims to suffer from stage fright, stunned audiences with her numerous saucy poses on the runway. Making it hard to believe that she could’ve had any apprehensions before the show started, “I’m kind of praying that everything goes well and I don’t fall, but once I’m on the runway, I get into this zone. I have this feeling of pride.” It sure looked like she did when she strutted down the ramp in the $10 million outfit.

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