November 27, 2013

Yummy Chocolate Boutique Hotel in UK

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel located in Dorset, United Kingdom, is the perfect place for those who like to pamper themselves with a sweet treat. It is the world’s first chocolate themed hotel, where you can sip decadent chocolate Martinis in the Chocolate Bar and dip fresh strawberries and marshmallows into cascading chocolate fountains. Here, you will learn about the fascinating history of chocolate and you will be taught how to make delicious chocolate truffles by hand from raw ingredients at a special Chocolate Delight workshop.

The most amazing thing is that you can even immortalize yourself in chocolate in a chocolate portrait painting session, by simply using melted milk, dark and white chocolate.

The renowned chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud created and produced a special range of chocolates that can be eaten with red and white wines as well as whiskey, spiced rum and mulled wine. These delicacies are available here, at the Chocolate Boutique Hotel.

Each room in this beautiful Grade II listed hotel is chocolate themed. This is definitely a yummy location!!

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