November 24, 2013

Macalister Mansion in Malaysia– a contemporary hotel with historical dimensions and hidden elegance!

Malaysia Island, called Penang or Penang Island, lies in the Strait of Malacca on the northwest coast of the peninsula Malaysia. The UNESCO World Heritage Site city of George Town is the capital of the state Penang Island and is one of the largest cities in Malaysia. The city was named after Britain’s King George III and was found 1786. Macalister Road is a main road in Penang, around 5 minutes by car to the heart of George Town. 

We invite you to check it out!

Author: Betty M.

Located along the historic Macalister Road, Macalister Mansion promises a sophisticated new lifestyle destination to relax. Macalister Mansion is designed around the idea of an old English mansion. The place provides good food, drinks, fine music and comfort, a good night’s sleep and moments of body relaxation near the pool area at the back.

The name Macalister Mansion honors Sir Norman Macalister, who was one of the first British Governors of Penang. 

With the noticeable huge monument at the front and the retro outdoor of the whole building, only saved and renovated, this mansion welcomes the guests in different parts of the year, offering them to join the journey into the past and still, to feel the touch of the contemporary. A large pool area with a special and sophisticated bar is included as part of the area. This is the place where guests usually want to stay a bit longer than anywhere else. It’s interesting how the designers carefully created the outlook of the pool with lovely mosaics that are also part of the internal part.

What makes it special and remarkable is also the white color that prevails in the entire façade, but also is used in 90% of the interior. The simple and humble entrance that leads to the reception actually is just a small fragment of the elegance that is about to be seen only in few steps.

You’d definitely love the restaurant, covered in white, having a remarkable and outstanding ceiling with a rare piece of huge chandelier. Some pink and baby blue elements, that mainly accent the presence of the natural, are also included to make the ambient a bit of colorful and different.

More internal drink bars in dark disco tones are included, and look very stylish. The perfect way to enjoy a drink of your favorite martini with your friends or other loved ones! Another smaller restaurant created in a more homey style is located right near the garden area. Games rooms and reading corners are also included for all those who want to have some fun in their free time. The bedrooms represent a combination between the modern, mystic and the simplified elegance. They have one king sized bed, personal balconies and comfortable shower cabins and hot tubs. What makes them remarkable and unique are the creatively designed murals on their walls that actually represent part of the history of the place. 

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