August 5, 2013

Giorgio Armani’s New Sì Fragrance only at Harrods

Giorgio Armani has finally decided to create perfume that would bear his signature. The iconic fashion designer was inspired by his mother’s favorite fragrance, Guerlain’s Mitsouko. Soft yet intense, sultry yet chic, the all new Sì fragrance by Giorgio Armani has the power to captivate the senses and free the spirit. It is a modern interpretation of the classic chypre, a fragrance that lingers on for a very long time, continuing to inspire you and others throughout the day.

Actress Cate Blanchett was almost an intuitive choice as brand ambassador for the Italian designer: “I have known and admired Cate Blanchett for many years. As I was developing the Sì project, defining the fragrance and imagining the bottle, I instinctively thought of her, and of the passion that can be perceived behind her impeccable manners and confident look — a seductive combination that fully respects the spirit of my new perfume,” he told WWD. The fact that the star has a close relationship with the designer was also extremely helpful.

Interested customers can find the new fragrance exclusively at Harrods in London. What an excellent new reason to make a visit to Europe, right? A 30ml (1.01 fl. oz.) bottle is priced at £44 ($66.5), but 50ml and 100ml versions are also available.

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