August 23, 2013

Seychelles Sanctuary

North Island Lodge is a sanctuary for wildlife and guests alike. Lapped by the tropical waters of the Seychelles, North Island provides a place to regenerate and rediscover yourself. North Island's 11 handcrafted villas, spread out along the main beach of the Ile Du Nord eco-reserve in the Seychelles, showcase Seychellois and African craftsmanship and gel harmoniously with their natural surroundings.

Raised off the ground to catch the cooling Indian Ocean breezes, North Island's villas open up onto your private garden and the beach. Plunge pools and outdoor showers provide the finishing touches to your private sanctuary.

Your villa is equipped with a golf cart and mountain bikes for traveling around the island, but walking provides a better pace to take in the scenery as you head to the Sunset Beach Bar in the afternoon. Keep an eye out for Brutus, the island's 160-year-old tortoise.

All activities at North Island are included (with the exception of the Spa), making it a great opportunity to go scuba diving on the coral reefs, take a sunset cruise to Silhouette Island, or partake in some of the acclaimed deep-sea fishing.

xoxo LLD

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