August 2, 2013

Coco Privé Kuda Hithi Island

In the midst of the Indian Ocean, sat atop a vast underwater mountain range, lies the tranquil island nation of the Maldives. It is a place unlike anywhere else on earth. With unparalleled beauty and wondrous coastal scenery, a tapestry of 1192 pristine islands lay like emeralds amidst the azure blue of a crystal clear sea and an abundance of natural sea life make their home in the vivid turquoise coral reefs. 

Your personal retreat in paradise, luxurious villas on your own private island express who you are, your passions and your place in the world. This is your space to breathe and escape; your home away from home. There is just one master residence on Kuda Hithi Island named Palm Residence noted, amongst other things, for its spectacular uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean. The island is also home to five additional luxurious villas which can accommodate up to 12 guests in total. 

The architecture reflects the natural charms of its surroundings, an elegant blend of modern and natural materials, where craft and attention to detail combine to achieve a spacious, elegant and intimate haven. Kuda Hithi Island is the result of a remarkable collaboration between Coco Privé and award-winning architect Guz Wilkinson. Here, you will find luxurious living enhanced with every amenity imaginable and the discreet butler services of your personal host.

xoxo LLD

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