August 25, 2013

Luxury island hopping cruise in the Seychelles

Isolated in the Indian Ocean and the only mid-ocean islands of granite formation to be found on earth, the Seychelles archipelago is often mentioned in the same breath as the lost 'Garden of Eden.' The best way to explore the many islands of the Indian Ocean is by embarking on a luxury island-hopping cruise. Imagine waking up in a fully air-conditioned cabin with private bathroom, pulling back the curtains of your window to see giant tortoises on secluded beaches. That’s a typical morning aboard one of Silhouette Cruises four ships in the Seychelles – far from the big vessels and crowds closer to the African coast.

Silhouette Cruises is a joint venture between Seychelles and international interests, founded in 1997 with a vision to introduce a new tourism concept. This combines the romance of sail with the charm of the world’s ultimate tropical islands: Seychelles.

Sailing on one of Silhouette Cruises’ graceful ships conjures up images of romance and mystery; of seafaring legends and long voyages to far-off, exotic lands. Silhouette Cruises’ ships accommodate just 21, 24 or 25 passengers and are Dutch-built to feel like you are aboard modern sailing yachts or vessels with high standards of comfort and luxury. The firm offer four different types of vessels for island-hopping – S.V. Sea Shell, S.V. Sea Pearl, S.Y. Sea Star and S.Y. Sea Bird.

Silhouette Cruises offer a seven-night cruise giving you the opportunity to see some of the best islands in the Seychelles archipelago. Their weekly cruises run Saturday to Saturday and you’ll embark on the Inter-Island Quay at Port Victoria.

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