August 26, 2013

Extremely Rare Ferrari FXX Evoluzione Coming up for Auction

In the year 2005, famed Italian marquee Ferrari chose to offer a select clientele, a much rarified version of its Enzo model. The FXX, as it was named, was a race car in the truest of senses as the car was meant strictly for the circuits. Although the car lacked the usual cacophony of specialized engineers and mechanics, it did however, compensate in every sprint and turn it made through the race tracks.

The original program lasted till 2007, and involved an exclusive clique of 20 customers who participated in a driving group of 14 people, 14 individual driving sessions and a total of 35,000km of testing spread over two years. The program was so successful that even German racing legend Michael Schumacher, who has a customized black FXX himself, had a say in the development of the 2005 model.

his particular variant, to be auctioned for sale by Gooding & Co at Pebble Beach’s weekend sale, has been in fine shape and suffered little wear and tear since 2008 by participated only in three FXX programme events, and has never changed hands since then and has been stationed at the marquee’s famous Course Clienti. It is one of the few remnants of the original lot of 30 cars, and an exemplar of racing ingenuity and deafening track noise. The 2006 FXX Evoluzione is likely to fetch an estimated price upwards of $2.3 million.

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