August 5, 2013

The Superyacht: Most Expensive and Fastest in the World

It seems that owner of Azzam, the largest superyacht in the world wanted more from his creation. They also wished to build the fastest in the world. Azzam is now the fastest superyacht in the world and was recently on its first sea trial.

This yacht at 590 feet went through first of its trial in the North Sea region. The luxury super yacht was able to maintain a speed of 37 miles per hour or 31.5 knots. By virtue of maintaining this speed, given its size of 590 feet, Azzam has become the fastest yacht.

This however is not the top speed of Azzam. Given the fact that Azzam has around 94,000 horsepower, the yacht can even maintain a higher speed in deeper waters. This speed of 37 miles per hour has been observed in water that was around 60 feet in depth.

The estimated cost of Azzam will come around to $600 million and as per sources the real owners of this luxury super yacht is the royal family of United Arab Emirates. Another interesting fact about Azzam is that it is around 30 percent faster than the yachts in its category. The second largest yacht is by the name of Eclipse and at 536 feet, it has been able to maintain a top speed of 22 knots.

Much details about Azzam are not known though as a veil of secrecy is being maintained by the designers. The French interior designer Christopher Leoni is doing the interiors of Azzam  and will come up with an impeccable creation as the designer is known to get innovative with his creations.

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