November 23, 2013

This Villa in Miami is One Sweet Place with a Fine and Comfortable Indoor Space

Miami is definitely one of the most world’s destinations for fun, luxury life, life filled with style and parties. Many famous stars and wealthy people buy their homes or villas in one of the most attractive places that is also known for the very cool beach areas and exotic parts. It’s really hard to make the right choice for the best home in Miami because owners engage the best world’s designers to plan and design their homes. The houses in Miami are popular for their stylish design in which the comfort and the desire for a home with a big capacity are always first.

Author: Betty M.

For this article we would like to present to you this very stylish and luxurious villa. The villa has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, private cinema, games room, gym, steam room, pool and a bar. It has a very good air conditioning that keeps the air cool and fresh. Every good designer and owner should not forget about the fact that the temperatures in Miami can sometimes reach a high level and the weather could be very hot.

We invite you to have a short walk. Surrounded with tropical palm trees, the pool is large and lovely. Watching over the villa from a bird’s perspective you could easily notice that it is all surrounded by water and it mainly reminds of a tropical garden perfect for enjoying and rest. Walking through the interior, you would realize that the elements are luxurious and with a touch from the Eastern world’s culture and tradition. Artistic frames, a comfortable sofa and a piano welcome the visitors and invite them to feel the artistic spirit that is spread practically everywhere in the house.

 A well equipped gym and a steam room are also included. At the end of the day, the perfect view from one of the terraces gives warm and feelings of calm and love. 

A remarkable symbol of the interior is the drink bar that looks really modern especially for the silver like bricks that cover the background. The creative little coffee tables with interesting shape are spread in different room areas and mean an important part of the décor in the house.

The kitchen looks simple and practical. It’s designed of marble elements and has a wooden floor with gentle lighting. It has one window that looks over the green area outside. This is where cooking can be really fun and filled with pleasure.

The dining area is designed for 12 people and has a shiny and expensive white dining table. Some multicolor elements and creatively designed window frames make this room a comfortable and lovable place for ordinary or special life occasions.

The so called ‘grey room’ is the place ready for fun. Transformed in a game room, this place is also used as a private cinema where the owners can enjoy the world of the movies in HD quality. The bedrooms have simple white and brown colored style, where the wooden elements have the main role in a decorative sense. A sweet library that can also be used as an office is designed in sensitive and light tones. This is the perfect corner where reading can be the best pleasure and a way to enjoy the free time in the day. 

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