November 16, 2013

A Jeweled Oasis for the Bath: THG-Paris and Baccarat Announce Pétale de Cristal Collection

Bearing a proud history of collaborating with like-minded luxury brands, THG-Paris and one of the most prestigious and recognized brands in fine French crystal, Baccarat announce the premiere of Pétale de Cristal – an exquisite new collection of bath and shower fittings and sensational accessories.

In the tradition of Baccarat’s exemplary capabilities in crystal and jewelry, Pétale de Cristal is designed by long-time THG collaborator Pierre-Yves Rochon and is inspired by the delicate lotus flower. Rochon has created a lasting legacy with his series of luxurious bath collections for THG including Faubourg, Frivole, Froufrou, Perle and the new Pétale de Cristal.

Transparency and color are among crystal’s most important qualities – and the emblematic Baccarat Red is one of the most distinguished and recognized colored crystals in the world. The creation of Baccarat Red is a world of alchemy, developed by adding gold to special elements at a specific temperature.

Dazzling with innovation, clarity, detail and color, Pétale de Cristal offers crystal handles and accessories in a deep Baccarat Red, bold blue and the mysterious and unexpected black – as well as a clear and opulent crisp crystal with a choice of clear or gold accented detailing.

In partnership with Baccarat, THG’s illustrious Pétale de Cristal collection brings opulence and artistry to fine baths everywhere.

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