November 1, 2013

A Night in Fairy Tale - Medieval Castle turned into a Hotel

A medieval mountain hamlet where history and designer fittings meet to create a unique cultural experience. There's nothing quite like this albergo diffuso - meaning something like "scattered lodgings" - anywhere else in the world.  This is not a typical hotel: it’s a step back in time. 

Located in the mountains of Abruzzo at 1250 meters above sea level, S. Stefano di Sessanio is a picturesque fortified medieval village, just a two-hour ride away from Rome. It is in this scenic part of Italy that the creative team at Oriano Associati Architetti decided to preserve and refresh the historic structure of a medieval castle, turning it into a unique accommodation unit.

By working alongside local organizations, the team converted Sextantio Albergo Diffuso into a traditional village hotel: “To retain Santo Stefano’s local character all modern technology is hidden. We searched out original architectural materials, and our furniture and textiles are authentic items from the Abruzzo mountains. We have preserved traces of bygone countryside life in the fabric of the buildings – symbols of hardship which evoke the spirit of ancient rural life”, explained the architects. The interior arrangements were intentionally reduced to minimalist functionality, yet the hotel’s atmosphere is very welcoming and genuine.

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