September 20, 2013

A Tale About Luxury Jewelry

Luxury jewelry has always been a way of displaying one's power, wealth and opulence. Those small pieces and objects can show the world how rich you are and whether you care about your money and whether is price a problem for you…

How do we define luxury jewelry? Jewelry is small pieces of decor, made out of various materials, in various forms and sizes, with multiple purposes. Their main purpose is to decorate a piece of your body, compliment your outfit or appearance. They are luxury personal adornments, quite like broaches, pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings. For many years, metal, combined with some precious materials has been the combination used to create luxury jewelry, but there were also some unordinary materials like sea shells, plastic, wood, or glass in fact. The oldest known jewelry is a type of an archeological artifact, 100.000 year old beads from Nassarius shells. The basic form of jewelry cannot be defined, since it varies depending on the culture and nation where it belongs. There are pieces of jewelry to be used to adorn every part of your body, from toes to hairclips.

The sole word jewelry is derived from the word jewel, meaning precious stone. Many kinds of precious stones are used when creating jewelry, from those which are plain, to those rare ones which are used when creating luxury jewelry. In most cultures, it represents a status symbol, depending on the material used; everyone can know your social status.

Jewelry also varies between genders, jewelry made for men is masculine and bold, and whist women jewels are more delicate, feminine and elegant. It can also determine to which religion, culture or ethnic group you belong to. Many cultures have their wealth kept in the form of jewelry, like for example the Arabian Sheikhs. They have most of their wealth in solid gold or family jewelry.

Materials used to create jewelry vary from those very simple, to those rare and luxury as we have previously said. When it comes to luxury jewelry, mostly used material is gold or gold alloy with various gemstones and precious stones décor. They are always perfectly distributed and adorn even the simplest pieces. Use of platinum and other valuable metals is fairly new in the world of jewelry but it has become popular these days. Jewelry quality is measured in karats, which state the purity of the used material.

Other commonly used materials are glass, fused glass or alloyed, so is ivory, wood, shells and other things. Every material available on the Earth can be transformed into luxury if you know what you're doing. Beads are also very common and modern. For example, beads were the most modern in the Victorian era, when they were incorporated into various products, to make them more beautiful. Beaded jewelry commonly encompasses rings, necklaces, bracelets and earring, and also clothing objects.

One of the most valuable material used in creating jewelry are diamonds. They were first mined in India, and nowadays they are used in almost every jewel you can find. Other popular precious stones used are amethyst, ruby, turquoise, emerald, jade and sapphire.

In the end, we would like to tell you about 10 most expensive and luxurious jewelry pieces in the world. Number 10 is the Cullian Diamond, sold for an amazing price of 9.96 million dollars in 2009. It is a truly amazing piece. Quite similar is number nine, sold for 10 million dollars; it is an amazing ring with a precious blue diamond as a centerpiece. With the price of 11.6 million dollars is the Pink Graff ring, and number seven is a piece of jewelry once owned by King Edward VII, and is now owned by Madonna. Number six is an amazing tiara, with emeralds and diamonds, with a price tag of 12.8 million dollars. We have some really amazing pieces on positions 5 to 1 so prepare to be amazed…

This ring is easily to be called the most expensive ring in the world, since it has two large diamonds as its centerpiece. It was a part of a Bulgari collection from 1972. The next one on our list is Harry Winston Sapphire, the most expensive jewelry piece worn to Academy Oscars Awards, and it is an exact replica of a piece of jewelry from Titanic. Number three was once a part of a royal family jewelry box. It was owned by Margaret Theresa, the daughter of King Philip IV, and it costs 24.3 million dollars. The first runner up on this luxury jewelry race is a piece which holds the record place for the most expensive jewelry piece ever sold on a Christie’s auction. It’s called the Doubly Fortunate, and it was sold for an amazing 9.3 million dollars. 

Number one and the absolute ruler of this list is the most expensive piece of jewelry in the world, known as the Graff Pink, sold for an unbelievable price of 46 million dollars. It has perfect rating and the price of about 1.85 million per carat.

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