September 23, 2013

A Stunning Resort Villa in the City of Tel Aviv Is Among the Finest Architectural Creations These Days!

In the capital of Israel, Tel Aviv, a luxurious mansion captivates the viewer with the gorgeous simplicity of pure whites, dark woods and curving pools. Entering from the front façade, the white, heavenly stairs lead the viewer across the tempting cool waters of the pool. Upon entering the magnificent kitchen, the sleek design of the bar and cabinetry shows how the residents are rich, luxurious and stylish in all their dining experiences. 

The dark oak wood shines brightly, reflections of the windows bouncing across space and illuminating the mood of the kitchen. The connecting office invites guests and businessmen into a calming meeting space. Your eyes are captured by the large wood desk, and yet the oak structural framing highlights the white ceiling. The living room’s mood is fit for all varieties of events and functions. The dark wood of the floor highlights the white furniture. The opposing black table and lighting fixtures strengthen the strong white motif. 

The bedroom space is dominated by the central location of the tempting King Size Bed. The hard wood flooring sweeps you into the glorious open space of the bedroom’s design. Light flows softly from the two floor to ceiling windows. As you move into the space, the clean white color scheme makes the viewer feel like as though you are flying through the soft clouds. On the far side of the sleeping area, you are enticed into the cool marble of the full bath. The long mirrors create a never-ending space of relaxation. In the nearby walk-in closet, the bright reds of a large comfortable couch oppose the dark wood of the closet space. The fitting room environment creates a good relationship for both the male and female residents. 

The entire architectural design is floating on the cool waters of the family pool. A small island paradise is showcased in the middle of the oasis of your backyard. The three rectangular pools give linearity to the entire plan of the house. During the night hours, lights are strategically placed throughout the landscape to illuminate the beauty of the design. The curves of the white oak furniture oppose the harsh rectangular edges of the pool area. 

The lighting illuminates your path through the changing settings of water, curves, white and black. The design gives a feeling that you are always moving through different environments of the world. Simplicity, sophistication, luxury and beauty shine through the pure whites, blacks and warm wood of this architectural masterpiece.

Author: Betty M.

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