September 9, 2013

Freywille Pepita Rose Line

FREYWILLE unveils their new design Pepita Rose which fuses romantic roses set on a houndstooth canvas for a chic jewellery collection with a honed artistic background. For this smart design, FREYWILLE artists were inspired by the art of dance and the Spanish Flamenco dancer, Josefa de Oliva, also known as Pepita, who in the 19th century enchanted bohemian audiences all over Europe. 

Enthusiastically, a lovely rose species was named after the petite dancer. Just like Pepita on the stage, the romantic rose dances through the geometric black-and-white design in the new FREYWILLE jewellery set. For a minimalistic option, FREYWILLE offers multiple items without the rose, and only houndstooth.

Pepita Rose brings the enamel to life through a black and white dance! With or without the lovely Pepita rose, – the new FREYWILLE design can be wonderfully combined with any classy ensemble.

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