September 17, 2013

The Most Expensive and the Most Comfortable Mobile Home in Sale!

The world of luxury stuff can’t stop growing. From modern and high developed mansions to expensive accessories like jewelry and smart phones, this world keeps spreading. The Gulf City of Dubai became the first place on the planet to introduce the extravagant and the 3.1 million American dollars (or 2 million pounds) mobile home popularly known as “Palace on Wheels”.The bus is covered with unbelievable gold color though it can also be found in white color version. It’s 403 foot tall and it is considered to be the most expensive mobile vehicle on the planet, with a record breaking sale in June 2013.

The interior is equipped with an enormous master bedroom, a 40 inch full HD LCD TV including a high end speaker system for a complete pleasure, under floor heating, marble lightning at the top, a cocktail bar, a fireplace for a perfect romance, and a rare and stunning Sky Lounge. The interesting fact connected to the last one, is that with a single press on a button, the owners can turn this mobile home into their personal space that includes a pop-up bar. 

Another interesting thing is the rainfall shower inside the so called Wellness and Spa Bathroom, so basically it can provide its visitors with special body care and enable them a good rest and comfort like being in a luxury hotel.

The extended living space is equipped with a luxury kitchen that is provided with high sophisticated gadgets like a stainless steel fridge, oven, coffee machine, a barbecue grill, a dish washer and even an ice maker. 

When talking about the security system, the owners don’t have to be worried about their safety at all. A real stream surveillance system is installed inside the vehicle and it makes the whole monitoring of the outer world more easy and reliable.

This incredible mobile phone was specifically designed to meet the needs of the celebrities on their road trips and tours, though it was perfectly accepted by the Dubai famous multimillionaires. 

Author: Betty M.

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