September 28, 2013

All About Luxury

Luxury goods are products and services that are not considered essential and are associated with affluence. The concept of luxury has been present in various forms since the beginning of civilization. Its role was just as important in ancient western and eastern empires as it is in modern societies. With the clear differences between social classes in earlier civilizations, the consumption of luxury was originally limited to the elite classes.

"Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity" - Coco Chanel

It's the kind of lifestyle in which money isn't a problem or a question when it comes to your well being and comfort. If you are one of those people who have enough money to buy anything, you understand the concept of luxury lifestyle. But, do you ever wonder what luxury throughout history was and what is luxury now? There are many differences, but all in all, luxury remains the same. Wealthy people who live wealthy life are doing everything they can to show us what luxury is for them. When you taste luxury for the first time, you won’t be able to get enough of it. Every day, there is some new amenity, new hi tech gadget, new luxury car, new fashion collection or trend which you must follow if you want to be a part of the luxury lifestyle.

In The beginning...

In the past, way back to B.C. era, luxury was something to be seen only on pharaons and roolers of the world. Not many people had the chance to live like that, actually only two or three per one country had that opportunity. In Egypt for example, luxury was seen on Pharaons in his decorations, jewelry, the quality material used to make his gowns and crown. Also pyramids are the show offs of the luxury life of pharaons.The richer the pharaon, the bigger and more decorated the pyramid was. Their tombs contained gold and luxury goods, so they could have a good life beyond grave and death. Even tough their people lived in misery, pharaons always had their palaces made with gold decorations and peculiar and rare objects, which were most of the time passed on to other generations as family heritage.

Royal era luxury

Moving on to past times not so far away from us, in the regal era, situation is almost the same. Royal family had more than they needed, all the luxury they could have in various forms. Their crowns were made out of the finest quality gold with the rarest jewels and precious stones. Their jewelry was their pride and glory and it could be used to buy some countries. Some of the rulers had their thrones made out of finest materials. Royal palaces are still some of the most luxurious architectural wonders of this world.

Luxury in fashion and jewelry

In the past century, luxury had changed many forms. But some things always remaind the same. Those who live the luxury lifestyle know what were talking about. Appereance is always important when we talk about luxury, so fashion, watches, jewelry and transportation are the main things to observe. Throughout the years, fashion has grown very much, from simple gowns and suites, to todays haute couture collections, from different designers which became famous for making something unique and special. Now we have a few luxury fashion designers like Gucci, Armani, Prada or Chanel for example, and their designes are the utmost luxury products.

Watches are also important and luxurious nowadays. Many fine watchmakers use refined materials, which are rare and expensive, in combination with their prestigious and exclusive mechanics, which are unique and patented. Watch mechanisms are various complications with very elaborate designs, and their dials are true works of art. Every luxury watch brand has its own craftsmen and artisans who create, design and develop new luxury accessories for your wrist. Watch straps are now created from the finest materials, giving you true comfort. 

Luxury transport evolution

When we talk about luxury transportation, we should focus on boats and yachts, at first. They are the oldest type of transport, used to transport people, goods and possesions, also, they are used for defence as army ships, like fishing ships and nowdays for luxury on water loungers. Viking longboats are the oldest long ships which have the most similarities with todays luxury yachts. They were built 1000 B.C., made very narrow so they could travel on the open sea, as well as on rivers. Some say that first luxury yacht was built in 1450s.

When we talk about cars, it is pretty much similar to fashion. Now, we have supercars, manicured and designed to match your personality and something you want most. We have luxury car brands like Mercedes-Benz, Lamoborghini, Infinity, BMW or Aston Martin. Luxury car can make a difference.

Each of those cars has its unique personality and amenities, which are personalized so every client's wish is fulfilled. 

Airlines are also doing their best with keeping up with the luxury trends. For example, Emirates Airline created a unique luxury in flight experience for their clients, which is really tempting and unforgettable. Now, you can enjoy spa treatments in flight; have your favorite food, while you enjoy your favorite vintage wine. Virgin Atlantic airline now has in flight entertainment for their passengers consisting of various performances by famous artist and comedians.

Luxury traveling

Traveling and vacations are also a part of the luxury lifestyle. Rich people have tendencies to go vacationing to exotic and unique places, where they can enjoy themselves without being disturbed. They tend to visit remote islands, five star hotels and resorts. Luxury spa centers are private heavens for those who love to be pampered and spoiled. Most luxurious hotel in the world right now is Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the city which is becoming the luxury capitol of the world, and it is becoming that really, really fast. Luxury hotels and resorts have staff which will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and fulfill your every wish, of course, for a reasonable price. It is amazing what are the things you can enjoy in when you visit one of those luxury establishments. Their services vary from the usual concierge and room service, to the ones where you practically point your finger at something you like or desire and they get it for you. Every trip and vacation, every stay at a luxury establishment can be personalized according to your personal demands, and you can basically have anything you want, and we do mean anything.

In the past, popular luxury destination was Europe, but now, since the world is developing and growing quickly more popular places are those exotic unspoiled grounds, like islands, peninsulas and mountains. The most important thing for those places is to be secludes, since the participants of the luxury lifestyle do not want to be disturbed while they enjoy themselves. Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, Seychelles, those are the most wanted luxury destinations nowadays, even though Europe with cities like Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Prague, Milan and many others has its own luxury spirit and an aura of wealth. Every part of the Earth is famous for something, so you shouldn’t bound yourself to one place, but enjoys them all.
Many travel agencies are willing to plan your vacation for you. Every minute of it. If you’re not sure what would you want to do on your vacation you should consult some of those agencies, they will make it worth your while and your money. The most expensive travel arrangement costs one million dollars, and it is a journey around the world.
Luxury real estate

When it comes to living the lifestyle, the place you live in tells more about you than you’d think. Luxury villas and homes are key notes if you want to be noticed in luxury circle. Nowadays, luxury villas are built everywhere. They have all kinds of designs, but the most important thing is they all feature the newest amenities and the most expensive furniture and décor. Luxury furniture mostly comes from Italy, land known for its designers and distinguished taste for materials and fabrics. France is the most famous when it comes to elegance and style, so they mostly dedicate their works to décor. Luxury décor and furniture can be the thing that changes a normal and common home, into a luxury villa from your dreams. Almost every luxury villa has its own pool, beautiful garden and manicured lawns, floor to ceiling windows, and beautiful panoramic view of their surroundings.

Most rich people build a few luxury villas. One is usually in the town they live in and the other is something like a vacation house in exotic places. Those exotic villas are mostly settled on sea or ocean shores, have private lagoons or ponds. Their town luxury villas are mostly classically decorated, with utmost elegance and style. Minimalism, even though its name says different, is one of the most luxury architectural and décor styles. 

Is there anything more to see?

All in all, luxury industry is growing rapidly, and all luxury brands are now competing in this race of most extraordinary services, top quality products and unique object. We surely can't wait to see what is waiting for us in the near and far future, because when it comes to luxury, sky is the limit.

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