September 20, 2013

Guess Where Will be Driven Fastest Car in the World?

Lykan Hyper Sport is the most expensive car that will make an earth quake in the most luxury city in the world.  Yes, it’s DUBAI. The city that is famous for its expensive hotels, extraordinary islands, unusual architecture, royal treatment and many more superlatives. The International Dubai Show 2013, November 5th to 9th will be the time when this is happening. 

All rich citizens are special visitors that can afford it and drive the Lykan Hyper Sport because all seven models that will be present are dedicated only for Dubai’s drivers.

All interior will be designed of diamonds, rubies and gold elements by the wish of buyer. Spectacular view of shiny details in the exact car interior makes me anxious to see that and shore to drive this model. As fast car with higher speed of 245 mph (394.3 km/h) and power to gain 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in 2.8 seconds, we believe that costumers will fight to have it. 

Considering the fact of gorgeous outside design, luxury interior, expensive gadgets installed in it, and amazingly wealthy potential buyers, for Lykan Hyper Sport will be needed less than ten minutes to be sold out. No mater if it’s 3.4 million dollars…

Author: Betty M.

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  1. Amazing car!
    Let alone the details, but the design is astonishing.
    Thanks for this,



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