September 29, 2013

A Hawaiian Resort Will Make You Want to Stay There Forever!

Oceania Estate is the name of the beautiful, astonishing and the very creative resort where you will want to take your closest people for the most perfect vacation ever. The estate is part of the Mauna Kea Resort in the American state of Hawaii and it will offer you the rare feeling filled with comfort, wellness and relaxation.

The estate has ten bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, four king sized beds and twelve queen beds and it is created to gather thirty-two guests at a same time. To enjoy the facilities and the amazing services you will need to pay 10,000 American dollars per one night, not including the additional taxes.

Being on the terrace you will be astonished by the amazing view at the part of the Pacific Ocean in front. The décor in the front and as part of the interior is a remarkable representative of the Hawaiian way of living and the culture as well.  Wooden elements prevail in parts of the furniture and dining tables. Everything’s made of the finest food that perfectly shines and looks very elegant.

Beautiful smaller pools attached with artistically made bridge ways will give you the perfect feeling of relaxation. To increase your comfort, the pools are designed to have a Jacuzzi with the perfect Spa treatment. Having the Pacific in front, with the authentic palm trees around, you will be able to enjoy the ultimate spirit of Hawaii islands.

Hammocks are all around to provide the guests with a relaxation treatment during the leisure time.
Just few steps from the resort, the untouched beach is the ultimate place for swimming in the perfectly clear water with beautiful blue nuances. The area is surrounded by rocks and smooth white sand that will comfort your feet when walking and exploring the area.

 The interior is made in a unique homey style that is combined with the cultural remarks. They are gathered above the romantic fireplace in the middle of the room for social gatherings. The flower and some religious elements as part of the Hawaiian culture prevail on parts of the wooden furniture. The interior part of the roof is specifically made in few levels and it gets narrower at the top. The built in lights make the whole atmosphere more pleasant and filled with romance. A piano bar accompanied with some other musical elements is created for all those who have an artistic taste.

To get prepared for the day, the building has a sports center with the best of the modern gym equipment and a spa center to meet all the needs of the guests. Each of the rooms is equipped with a cinema space combined with expensive furniture for a complete relaxation in the moments spent in front of the TV. The gaming room is designed to fill out he needs of all those who like to play some table soccer, poker, use the Net or just want to have a regular drink, Cocktail or something, at the creative bar created with a surfer’s taste.

The bedrooms are simple but made out of the finest wood combined with comfortable king sized beds. White and some brownish colors prevail and are reflection of the welcoming spirit the people of Hawaii have.

For all those who can’t get rid of their work, there is a special designed office that is very sweet and luxurious in its office elements. The office has a little garden and a beautiful view towards the ocean. The rest area is settled in a beautiful garden and the amazing lighting gives a feeling of romance and wellness during the night.

You would love it to stay there forever!

Author: Betty M.

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