September 15, 2013

A peak inside the Worlds Most Expensive Holiday Resort which costs $63,000 a night

The ultimate private island destination, Calivigny Island combines opulent accommodation and unparalleled service set in the exotic Caribbean. Spread over 80 lush acres with six sandy beaches and sweeping views of the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans, Calivigny is renowned to be one of the most exquisite and exclusive vacation spots in the world.

Two Balinese and French Colonial-inspired residences and three custom designed luxury cottages provide accommodation for up to 50 guests. Your own private resort experience boasts a fleet of gleaming boats, private chefs, and a host of thrilling activities for the adrenaline inclined traveler and for those who just prefer to soak up the sun and completely unwind.

So what can the rich and famous do for £40,000 a night? For starters they have access to an 81-acre private island, in the heart of the Caribbean with views to die for. The island is surrounded by serene tropical seas and golden sandy beaches and caters to billionaire moguls and up to 20 friends, each of who will have their own extravagant secluded villa.

The opulence runs through its décor which boasts of French Colonial design alongside the vast 140,000 square feet of living space, formal and casual dining areas, full hair and beauty salon, a fully staffed five-star kitchen, gym and boathouse that comes with its own submarine – for no particular reason!

There’s plenty to do as guests have access to a number of optional activities, services and amenities available upon request, such as a 173 ft Atmosphere Perini Navisailing Yacht, musicians and entertainers, fireworks displays, massage therapy services and more, served by up to 20 members of staff who work around the clock catering for their guests’ every need.


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