September 25, 2013

Enjoy the Satisfaction for the Eyes called NIRVANA

Only a few people in the Planet can afford this satisfaction to have it for their own, but all of us can enjoy the view that Nirvana presents. This is worlds luxurious, most expensive and unique floating sea city, as they called it, that man kind have ever made. 

This latest achievement of the constructors and designers is now 39th largest yacht in the world but definitely the most beautiful. That’s why Nirvana won at Exterior Design and Styling Award – Displacement Motor Yachts 60m+. 

Built by quality standards, high technology and modern design are the reasons more why this yacht won every award where was presented. The spacious luxury interior and storage place for all yacht and travelers needs are benefits that allow Nirvana to have cruises that last many days.

The interior materials are sophisticated and rare specially delivered for Nirvana, such as: bamboo flooring, another ten different kinds of wood for cabin needs- teak, oak, palm wood, eucalyptus, bubbling whirlpool at the stairs, designed wall panels, artistic backlight, numerous sculptures all over the place, artificial leather for the beds, real fish leather as clothes for the tables, ceilings are made of Indonesian rattan…

 All rooms are high elegant and equipped with all modern technology devices necessary nowadays: Crestron panel for reaching Internet no matter where in the sea Nirvana is, room service, GPS for following the yacht, blinds, flat screen TV and the master cabin has it’s own whirlpool and more sun bathing possibilities. 

Nirvana has its own pet garden for reptiles - water dragons, exotic frogs, a chameleon, bearded lizards and turtles.

There are six decks all connected with amazingly fit stairs decorated with art details and luxury elevator for faster reach the six levels. 

To the main deck Nirvana has 7.5m oval shape pool that is 1.4m depth which is the greatest pool that Oceanco ever installed on its yachts.  There are 3D cinema and games area with popcorn machine, 85sq/m of gum with several working out machines, huge garage for all needs vehicles and much more.

The main numbers that can bring you Nirvana closer are:

-    built in 2012
-    builder –Oceanco the famous yacht Nederland’s and Monaco constructors
-    designed by Sam Sorgiovanni an Australian company for designing Yachts
-    length- 88.5m / 290ft
-    beam- 14.2m / 47ft
-    draft- 3.9m / 13ft
-    cabins - 6 total (one master, one VIP and four double)
-    max. speed – 19.5 knots
-    cruising speed 16 knots
-    sales price 230.000.000 $ (now $320.milion)

Human mind has reached all borders that can be reached when you are on the open sea. We just need a great amount of money to pack the bags and enjoy the cruise that Nirvana offers. Till then, we can always review the photos

Author: Betty M.

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