September 21, 2013

Luxury Villa in Qatar Made Out of the Finest Elements on Earth!

Visualized by the architect Muhammad Taher, this marvelous villa that will take your breath away, is located in Qatar. Once, being among the poorest countries in the Arabian world, Qatar is showing of, its ambitions to become a leader country now. The villa has a grand entry. It’s really interesting that the interior, including all rooms, is consisted of the finest and the richest woods and most quality fabric grace that Europe produces.

Pieces made out of gold with an artistic shape can be found practically in every meter square of the building. Art has an important role in the interior of the Villa. Many art collections play a decorative role at the walls that have beautifully made carvings and decadent relief.  The main part of the villa is the dining room that has an ornately carved dining table surrounded by twelve dining chairs covered in velvet.

A huge chandelier is located in the centre of the building, as the stair case gently curves in the hall and takes you to the upper part of the villa. This part is represented in very casual and typical way like in many other buildings from this type, though it also gives the kind of feeling filled with welcoming spirit and warmth. Many vases filled with beautiful and natural flowers produce feelings of romance combined with glamour and luxury. The lighting is at the highest level thanks to the many ceiling lights, so it practically looks like the day never ends.

Luxury furniture in different sizes, shapes and colors can be found at the different levels of the villa. Hosts and visitors can relax in the most casual part of the villa-which is the Lounge; filled with modern barstools and fancy club chairs.

Author: Betty M.

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