June 26, 2013

The Biggest Gold Reserve in the World

United States of America has the world’s largest gold reserves. As per official figures available with World Gold Council, United Sates of America has 8,1335 metric tonnes of gold reserves. This is quite contrary to the gold reserve that International Monetary Fund (IMF) owns.

As compared to the gold reserves of United States of America, IMF has 2,827.2 metric tonnes of gold reserves. The other countries that follow United States of America in terms of gold reserve are Germany, Italy, France, China, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Netherlands and India.

These gold holding figures are as per gold holdings that central banks in these countries have. In addition private holdings of gold are also available but the figures cannot be quoted, given the unreliable source of data in case of private gold holdings. It is equally important to mention here that over the last few years both China and Russia have significantly increased their gold reserves and it is only a matter of time before they pose a challenge to United States of America, when it comes to having the largest gold reserves.

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