June 26, 2013

Diamond Chakra Massage

Luxury has no limit especially if the person concerned is rich and famous and willing to go at any length to look good. In recent times 5 star rated hotels have started offering expensive and luxurious beauty treatment packages to their clients. These pricey hotels have managed to take the art of beauty treatment to a whole new level and guarantee a big bang for every buck spent. Hence it is not surprising that the rich and famous often decide to head off to a luxury hotel when they feel the need to indulge themselves and their bodies.

Currently there are several luxury spas that provide a variety of exorbitant priced programs like jewel treatment, white caviar facial alongside the more mundane and relatively inexpensive deep muscle therapy. Elite spas also tailor their programs to suit the needs of individual customers.

One particular program that stands out for its innovative quotient is the “Diamond Chakra” massage provided by the New York based Spa Martier. Hollywood actress Mila Kunis is a huge fan of this program and has been enjoying the benefits of the diamond and ruby peel massage for several years.

The “Diamond Chakra” spa treatment works in a very interesting manner. It starts with the soothing anti-aging “shiastu” massage where expensive diamonds worth $1,000 are positioned on the seven Chakra points of the body. This helps to draw out the toxins accumulated from everyday pollution out of the body. The process also serves the purpose of aligning the positive energies present in the human body and also promotes mental peace and clarity. To attain a glowing complexion, customers can also opt for the treatment method that involves exfoliation all over the face with crushed diamonds. The exorbitantly priced spa treatment has been formulated by renowned aesthetician “Scott Vincent Borba.

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