June 9, 2013

Qatar World Cup 2022

Qatar won the organization of the World Cup 2022, becoming the first Arab country to organize the World Cup Footbal. Especially that Qatar has equipped every nook and cranny to win the tournament. 

These images for stadiums that Qatar will begin construction after the announcement of the winning
organization of the tournament.

Umm Salal Stadium

Umm Salal Stadium is located close to one of the most important historical forts in diameter and a capacity of 45 120 seats. The design is a modern translation of the traditional Arab castles, like the castle, located near the Umm Salal Mohammed. After the World Cup, will reduce its capacity to 25,500 seats. The stadium will be used Umm Salal team.

 Al Rayyan Stadium

Double-Rayyan Stadium capacity of 21 282 seats to become the 44 740 seats through the addition of seats in the upper tier of the stadium. It will be a full outer part of the field in the form of a giant screen showing the latest shots of the game and the commercials and other information about the tournament. Will reduce the capacity of the stadium to its current capacity after the end of the session.

Gharafa Stadium

Gharafa Stadium will expand the current capacity to 21,175 to 44.740 seats using moving parts of the upper part. The interface will consist of strips represent the countries that will qualify to the 2022 World Cup, and will symbolize football and the mutual friendship, tolerance and respect that represented the tournament. Will reduce the capacity of the stadium to its current capacity after the end of the contest.

Khor Stadium

Khor Stadium will be built so that it will expand to 45 330 seats in the form of coincidence and a retractable roof. Accommodate the lower part of the 25,500 seats and the upper part of the 19 830 seats. Gives the pitch to viewers, a wonderful sight of the Arabian Gulf from their seats and will be located in the area of sports entertainment.

Khalifa International Stadium

Redesigned for the successful hosting of the 2006 Asian Games, and a capacity Khalifa International Stadium currently fifty thousand seats, and will be expanded to receive 68 030 spectators during the 2022 World Cup. Includes a wide pitch brackets and partially covered seats, a focal point in the Aspire area, sports facility, which includes the Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence, a hospital "Aspetar" of sports and lots of sports facilities.

Sports City Stadium

Will widen the Sports City Stadium, inspired by traditional Arab tent, for 47 560 seats. This will be the stadium, with moving its roof, and land retractable part, the midwife for dismantling, established multi-national use in the decades that followed the 2022 World Cup. Pitch innovative features make it the ideal place for football games, but also for concerts, theater performances and sporting events that have nothing to do with football.

Doha Port Stadium

Doha Port Stadium will be fully animated and with a capacity of 44 950 seats. Designed the stadium, which is located on an artificial peninsula in the Gulf, to evoke the sea frame. Will take place on the Gulf waters and the external facade, will help in the cooling process and improve the external appearance. Will be available for fans access to the stadiums by water taxi or phrases. After the World Cup, entire stadium seats sent to developing countries to assist in the development of football has.

Al Wakra Stadium

Al Wakra is one of the oldest cities in Qatar, and has a long history of commercial fishing and pearl diving. Surrounded water Wakra stadium, with a capacity for 45 120 seats, due to the role of the sea in the city's history. After the World Cup will reduce the capacity of the stadium's 25,500 seats.

 Lusail Iconic Stadium

Will host the Lusail Iconic Stadium, which will expand to 86, 250 seats, the opening match and the final if we get the honor of hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022. Located in Lusail City, the stadium is surrounded by water and inspired Sail Dow. After the FIFA World Cup stadium will be used to host sporting events and other cultural amazing.

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