June 28, 2013

Fabulous Vessel Bathtub Suspended Like a Hammock

Inspired by the flexible nature of a hammock, the fabulous Vessel bathtub caresses your senses with an alternative to regular bathing experiences. Enveloped in carbon fiber, the foam core allows the water to remain warm for longer periods of time. Longer than a regular tub, measuring 2,7 meters in length, the contemporary Vessel bathtub is also available in cheery colors like blue, yellow, pink, red, bronze and silver.

The sleek carbon fiber bathtub was designed to be used in a wet room, enchanting your body with a supreme shape reminiscent of the comfort offered by a hammock. Sinuous lines compose a design that seems to be begging for attention. 

Created by design studio Splinter Works this stunning modern bathtub exists suspended from the walls and floating above the floor. Only the standing tap visually connects it to its surroundings and fills the bathtub with water, which is then released through the base into a floor drain. 

Can you see the Vessel in your bathroom?

xoxo LLD

Author: I.Style

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