June 12, 2013

Karim Rashid designs CalypsoCases for iPhone 4/5 and Galaxy S4

If you follow fashion and luxury trends and you just adore to “dress up” your gadgets,  you will adore this Wonderful 3D design for new  iPhone 4/5 and Galaxy S4, by designer Karim Rashid.

The new offering is a limited edition set of six attractive CalypsoCases in three spectacular colors. These have been handmade by CalypsoCrystal in Europe and designed by Karim in New York. The limited edition protective CalypsoCases for smartphones are handicrafts in silver, titanium and premium Italian leather.

More so, the creative swoosh from Karim has rendered it a unique three dimensional designed pattern that has been crafted to flatter it and give the devices an upclass and sophisticated look and feel. The design is a “symbiosis of lines, an asymmetrical beauty, a complete masterpiece.”

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