August 8, 2012

Money can’t buy happiness, but its better to cry in a Lamborghini


Price: $1.5 million
Generally women are overwhelmed with two types of gifts, one is jewelry and other is chocolate. But, if the chocolate box costs 1.5 million, the later is a better choice. Yes, a chocolate box that has been designed by well known Simons Jewelers has two together to make the ultimate gift with their Le Chocolate collection. The chocolate box has an assorted chocolate from Lake Forest Confections decorated with an arrangement of hi-end jewelry. The collection of jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets decked with yellow and blue diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires.

Generalno žene se najviše oduševljavaju poklonima u vidu nakita i čokolade. Ali ako kutija čokolade košta 1.5 miliona dolara, čokolada je bolji izbor. Da, kutija čokolade koju je dizajnirala poznata zlatara Simon Jewelers, sadrži dva poklona u jednom. Kutija sadrži odabrane čokolade iz Lake Forest kolekcije, dekorisane sa najkvalitetnijim nakitom. Kolekcija nakita sastoji se od ogrlice, minđuša, prstenja i narukvice koje su ukrašene žutim i plavim dijamantima, emeraldima i safirima.


Price: $4,084,967

The haute couture world knows no bounds. And sunglasses is one of those accessories that can give you a 'Star' appeal effortlessly. Jewel sunglasses by Swiss luxury House Chopard - exact retail price for the collection continues to remain under wraps, reports claim it as the most expensive in the world, with the speculated price being estimated around $4,084,967 

Jewel sunglass by Swiss luxury House Chopard
Designed by De Rigo Vision, the glares glare with 51 fully cut River diamonds, their weight totaling at 4 carats. 60 grams of 24 carat gold have been used to create the awe generating piece.

A special technique was employed to set the diamonds. The placement of stones represented a carpeted pattern, making each and every piece ooze with a heavenly glow. So, what you have in return is not so much a diamond pave as a group of them huddling together, in a new, innovative design.
the glares "glare" with 51 fully cut River diamonds
 Chopard’s famous C logo appears on the arms of the glasses. As for the glasses, there is a whole army of stars, ranging from Gweneth Paltrow to Kate Beckinsale to Tom Jones, whom they have mesmerized back through time. 

60 grams of 24 carat gold have been used to create the awe generating piece

Price: $14 million

If 'bling' is the word for you, then this luxury couture will be the taste of your royal wardrobe!         H. Couture Beauty sells makeup that comes in bejeweled cases studded with gold, swarovski and real diamonds.

The luxury cosmetic company have sold the world's most expensive mascara and lipstick for $14 million. Like, the company retails a lip plumper for $348 which comes with one free refill and lip liner for $120, which also comes with one full product refill. So, if you don't want to shell-out millions for bejeweled cosmetic cases, but still want one in your luxury vanity then you can opt for the less pricey versions or can even get yourself a case specially designed for you!

If you are down to your last application, you will of course just phone up H.Couture's 24-hour hotline to request one of your refills, which you are entitled to for lifetime (or just a year if you opted for a normal casing). Don't forget to add your Lip Plumper for $348, which comes with one free refill and lip liner for $120, which also comes with one full product refill.



Water may appear a very inexpensive resource but with these sparkling jewel-embedded bottles it might become one of the most expensive beverages.  

Bling Hello Kitty bottle: Price: $500

For all the Hello Kitty lovers, this bling luxury bottled water is the one thing not to be missed. The stunning bottle is bedecked with many Swarovski crystals and is available in five different colors according to the different themes.

Bling Hello Kitty bottle

Fillico Beverly Hills: Price: $100

A frosted glass bottle of water festooned with Swarovski crystals and carved with gold paint is surely a treat for the people who are ready to splurge a $100 for one bottle of water. The bottle features water from a natural spring in Kobe and sells at an exquisite Ritz Carlton in Tokyo.


Fillico Beverly Hills
Altamirano glass bottle: Price: $60,000

For the people who are collectors of opulent bottles, this 24-karat gold bottle is one of the most expensive water bottles one can own. The bottle is designed by an Italian artist Fernando Altamirano with excellent craftsmanship and beautiful design. The bottle helps a foundation that combat global warming around, as it contains water from different springs from all over the world.

24-karat gold Altamirano glass bottle


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