August 24, 2012

Goodbye Maybach...

...“to create only the very best from the very best” - Wilhelm Maybach 

This is a goodbye story for one and only haute sports car - Majbach.

If you are prospective Maybach buyer, the clock is ticking for you. After almost a decade of not turning a profit, Daimler announced that production of Maybach will cease by 2013.

Manufacturer Daimler has decided to stop making the extremely high-end rides because they’ve failed to turn a profit since the relaunch in 2002. Instead, the company will focus on their Mercedes line or “the cars that are actually selling.”

Maybach 57

Maybach 62s

Maybach Landaulet 

If you love the Maybach wheels, you will definitely love these shades as the arms of the frames will have the Maybach logo as well as the metal that imitates the door sill panels, while the piano lacquer on the wood and carbon fiber arms resemble the finish of the trim strips of the Maybachs’ interior.

The Maybach eye gear is handcrafted using only the best and highest quality materials. The eyewear is made by German eyewear manufacturer IVKO for Maybach, while the lenses are manufactured by Zeiss.

The Monarh I - Solid Titanium 24k Gold Plated
The Star I - Solid Titanium Ruthenium plated

The Duke II - Solid Titanium Platinum Plated, Brushed

The Monarh II - Solid Titanium Platinum Plated

Limited Edition


  1. really nice cars, and whoever has one now, will be able to sell them at a really good price, after production is stopped!:)
    xx Kate

  2. don't know much about cars but some rather beautiful pictures :)

  3. aaaaa Maybach is simply the best car ever. Too bad they don't produce it anymore :(

    Your blog's pretty nice :)

    Would be great if we followed each other, don't you think so ? :) :)

  4. great pictures! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!

  5. Thank you so much for your comment :)))

    I follow you back dear :*

  6. I love the quilted leather <3

    Maybe we could follow each other? :D
    -> I already follow you on GFC & Bloglovin! (name: "fille" - you should find me somewhere on the last pages, because I haven't got a profile picture)

    My fashion blog :)

    1. Thanks Fillie! :)

      I'm following back!

  7. wow i never even heard of them, but the cars look gorgeous, i love the white one and how it draws from the rumble seats of the old fashioned cars. shame they're all over.

    ps. just followed you back too!

  8. i knew about the cars.. not the watches. Well at leat they're gonna keep doing fabulous and outrageous cars!! for us to keep watching

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