August 21, 2012


Frey Wille is Austrian family ownedFrey Wille company Frey Willewith offices worldwide and headquarters in Vienna. I am not usually a fan of luxury jewelery but I fell in love with Frey Wille instantly.

According to their own website, the artists of the company take inspirations from the surrounding world and the variety of cultures. But many of their pieces are tribute to great painters and architects such as Monet, Klimt or Hundertwasser.

Frey Wille designs very simple shapes in gold or silver but the beauty of the jewelery lies in the wonderful, intricate enamel paintings. Each bangle and pendant is ornamented with art or culture inspired decorations.

The jewelery is very divers and ranges from very colorful to more toned down, and from modern to antic design. 

And if it wereb't for the prize, everyone would be able to find something for themselves.


Claude Monet, 
Iris series - especially the Regina bangle!

Below the lovely "Ode to Joy of Life" collection.

Frey Wille exclusive watches in the form of bracelets. Watch cases are made in round, rectangular forms. 

Bracelet adorned with different designs, presented in several colors.

 Gutav Klimt inspired collection of rings

The original design performance and excellent appearance of each product brand Frey Wille will not leave anyone indifferent.


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