July 18, 2012

The flavor of the future

Food design is designing a food product in terms of the context and environment in which it will ultimately be consumed. Food design also involves creating tools for eating food and services related to it, like the design of a dish: it encompasses all the rules of constituent, chromatic and formal rules in which food is presented on a plate,” explains Paolo Barichella, founder of the Food Design Studio in Milano.

Next food: interactive chocolate that can be surfed using your cell phone

All you need is a digital camera and an Internet connection to access an entire world of information contained on the chocolate bar itself.

Open Chocolate is a limited edition Valrhona chocolate created by Food Design Studio and Paolo Barichella for Tuttofood, a food fair held in Milan every two years. So what exactly is so special about this chocolate? It is an interactive chocolate bar that is stamped with a graphic code. Using a third generation cell phone, you can access a series of nutritional information about the product, as well as a database of chocolate recipes.

This same concept can be applied to many products, leading to new way s of consumption. Soon, you may find yourself chatting with a cracker, entering into a community with a slice of Gorgonzola or exchanging advice with a head of lettuce. Interaction is the key of the future.

(source: http://www.italian-food-lovers.com)

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