July 18, 2012

My favorite places to shop and eat in Belgrade

I'm a Belgrade native. It's a rare species, i know, since most people in Belgrade are usually from somewhere else, and if they were from here originally, they tend to move elsewhere after a while.

I think most visitors don't know what Belgrade really is. But the secret to Belgrade is this, you have to explore it nook and cranny at a time. You shouldn't try to do Belgrade in one day. It is physically impossible. Spend on day in each area and you'll see how cool this city is, especially his night life!

I’ll show you some of my favorite places in Belgrade to eat, shop or just hang out.

Now I’ll concentrate on Belgrade most beautiful restaurants, with not just beautiful interior but great food also!

I think that I don’t have to write much about this particular restaurant, ill just say that food in this Italian restaurant is real match to his interior!

 This is plated sink and toalet! Im not sure how many carats it has, but trust me you will literally sit and stand on gold!


  1. jako lijepe slike. bila sam u bg jednom, na sajmu. malo sam se prosetala, nisam sve vidjela ali obozavam grad. predivan je!


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