May 16, 2013

Philippines - Bellarocca Island Resort & Spa

Between the southeastern tips of the Philippine islands of Luzon and Mindoro, Marinduque holds a little something more than pristine beaches, jungle and complete isolation from reality — it holds Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa.

You want privacy and exclusivity? No problem. Simply check into Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa, a far-off island resort in the Philippines. Crisp, white buildings peek out from the lush jungle, bringing to mind some sort of five-star Family Robinson sort of scenario.

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with two things: a welcome song, and a golf cart. The song is lovely, but the golf cart really pays off, as it’s the only way to get around the sprawling resort. 69 rooms include 11 villas, each with cliff-side views of the crystal blue ocean, and a modern Asian design sense. Guests can expect the usual luxuries as well, from L'Occitane toiletries to flat-screen TV’s and complimentary Wi-Fi.

The restaurant flaunts a vaulted space of white tables and ocean views, serving international classics and authentic Philippine dishes. Later (or really anytime) retire to the infinity pool and nearby sunken cocktail bar for a drink that takes full advantage of local fruit that tastes more like candy.

No matter the age, whether you come alone or come in droves, Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa is ready and able to guarantee that you make the most out of your stayint there.

All this said - you are on a private island — so take advantage of it. Snorkel, explore the jungle, sail, kayak or jog trails. In fact, explore however you like. It is your playground after all.

Enjoy the virtual tour!

xoxo LLD

For more info visit: Bellarocca Island Resort & Spa

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