September 11, 2012

Beauty & The Be(a)st

Heesen Yachts

Founded in 1978 Heesen Yachts has become one of the world's leading yacht builders. Custom built to the highest standards all our yachts have one thing in common.  A Heesen are dedicated to providing one key principle: The Performance of Luxury.

Azimut Yachts

Founded in 1969 by enterprising college student Paolo Vitelli, Azimut began as a mere charter company, but it wasn't long before the company began designing its own boats. Their vessels were entirely handmade, and today they still employ many of their time-tested techniques. Sleek Italian design and refined details dominate the entire line, which ranges from 39- to 116-foot yachts.


Mangusta gives the world some of the largest luxury yachts, including the Mangusta 165. According to the brand, the 165 is the biggest open yacht in the world at 163 feet long.

 And some more pictures of Beautiful & Luxury yahts.


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