January 17, 2013

Interior Design Trends 2013

Design Days Dubai 2012 brilliantly brought the world’s most renowned trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort to the UAE for an enlightening talk about the trends in fashion, interiors, graphics, cosmetics, automobiles etc. for 2013 and 2014.

Lidewij Edelkoort is one of the world’s most renowned trend forecasters. From her creation of innovative trend books and audiovisuals since the 1980s to lifestyle analysis and research conducted for the world’s leading brands today, Lidewij has pioneered trend forecasting as a profession.

Here are a few key Interior Design Trends for 2013:

Yellow is the new Pink! The color will dominate with vibrancy making for lively and stimulating color palettes, fabrics and fittings. Watch out Pantone Tangerine…. yellow will have much more staying power! The question is which shade…

Pattern is making a comeback. Let’s not over focus on color blocking as historic patterns are being recreated with the strongest new trend: a white background. Foresee fabrics and wall coverings bringing small and massive florals with white backdrops, vintage prints with a twist of white, bold colors and patterns thrown onto a white canvas…. Whatever it is do it on white to make it in style.

Patterns will also become more inspired by Folklore african, bulgarian, mexican…. animals, culture and crafts will all come in to play. The colors of sand and stone will prevail. Be inspired by your morning whole meal bread with the warmth of beige and neutral.

 One word of advice however…. Trend Lightly!

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