October 13, 2012

The perfection of Baccarat

Many of you are aware of places designed by big names to hype them up, and the Baccarat Cristal Room, decorated by French design demi-god Philippe Starck is certanly one of them.

The building is 3000m² entirely conceived/relooked by Philippe Starck, design genius (for me), pompous and overhyped for others. The décor is typical Starck, a mix of quirky down-to-earth (exposed brick, sickly pink cushions, blackboard with graffiti) and opulent. Aldo Philippe Starck preserved the original design, he also added his signature modern touches.

Since its founding by royal decree in 1764, Baccart has transformed the most basic elements on earth, fire and water into exquisite objects of uncommon beauty treasured by kings, czars and maharajas.

Based on his rich heritage of beauty, culture and innovation to create briliantly imagined hotels and residences that stinulate the senses and exceed the expectations of the worlds most discering connoisseurs. 

Baccart museum

Blair and Serena double date in the Cristal Room at Baccarat . It’s an eventful evening as Blair is unknowingly dining with a prince.
Lou Doillon, French actress/model makes an appearance as herself.

Baccarat Moskow

The b Bar Tokyo - Osaka


  1. kolega/inice iz SFBC-a! :) pratim te

  2. Hvala draga koleginice, uzvracam :)

  3. This is such a beautiful post! I am definitely going to use it for home inspiration!

    1. Im glad you like it! Keep following :)

      love DFL.

  4. oo lovely!


  5. Gorgeous interiors, Phillippe Starck is a God!



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