February 7, 2014

Mandalay Beach Villas

Mandalay Beach Villas are a compound of vacation villas located in Koh Samui, Thailand. The philosophy of Mandalay Beach Villas is crisp, clear and simple. Against a backdrop of unerring modern style and sophistication, they exist to create an unforgettable contemporary tropical experience. 

The structure’s elegance and sophistication is perfectly paired with the watercolor of its background: the clear sky, the calm sea, and the glittering sand.

The combined design of the mechanical elements of the utilities and equipment so as not to interfere visually or sound wise with the overall architectural composition of the building, assisted in meeting this end. The leading edge technology in the kitchen including the stovetop, oven and integrated dishwasher, is sleek and timeless.

It is constructed in accordance with the specificafons of a smart home where all operafons including lighting, the movement of shutters, the alarm system, video surveillance cameras, multi room sound system and air conditioning are all enables remote controlling most cases via iPhone/iPad.

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