August 29, 2013

Million Dollar Steinway Piano

Piano Solutions XXI, an expert piano restoration company is releasing a million dollar Fabergé inspired masterpiece! Crowned the New York Serenade, the customized piano invention comes adorned with over 164,000 cubic zirconia stone smithereens. The piano-de-résistance is reminiscent of the aura of New York’s renowned jazz era and its musicians.

The 1917 Steinway & Sons grand piano marries the vintage allure of its American make to modern day refinement. It was a year’s worth of restoration work by father-daughter duo Gene Korolev and Katherine Banyasz of overlaying, drilling and hand setting gems in an apostle of lacquered elegance.

The superb Serenade designed to last generations, boasts of a live-performance Model LX high-resolution player system, with an advanced trap-work mechanism that displays self-moving pedals. This allows the piano to play music from any wireless source with a mini iPad to keep it classy company. Such astute restoration deems it an exemplar of redesign and renders an air of reclusive decadence. There is also a complementing bench containing over 7,500 gemstones to provide it the perfect sparkling sophistication.

It may not be a Fabergé egg. But that’s because it’s better!

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